Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Role models as Angels, Avatars, Rishi and Deities

It is quite a normal trait for people to look for role models or people who inspire them. What is important is who you decide to look up to and what characteristics do they really have.

Many people are brought up on super heroes and villains in cultural society through various means such as television, film, books, comics etc. But if we really examine who these beings or ideas are through their behaviour and actions then some of them are not the sort of energy you want to have around.  There are examples of heroes in culture which are good. But some of them equate to what were known as fallen angels. Sometimes having the archetype of a hero can be useful. But it is more useful to recognise that you are the hero of your own life, who makes themselves who they are by the choices they make on a daily basis.

It's better to focus on being a Krystic - its not a case of worship of any particular being. But you can have good role models for you to look towards and work with. You don't have to look towards any particular outside being, but it can be a useful step in humanity's current spiritual evolution.

It could be contemporary people who stand up in the vegan movement such as Dr Edward Group or Freelee the Banana Girl, it could be spiritual writers such as Easha Ashayana, and musicians who really connected with topics that relate to everyday issues for people.

Beyond that, then you can look to spiritual family through our universe and the higher universes. You could focus on the Angelic beings in our universe such as the still Krystic Elohim, Seraphim, the Azurites from Sirius B, those in the Pleiades star system who still serve the law of one, the Arcturians., the many groups who serve under the Emerald Order..etc You can look towards your own Rishi self and the Krystic beings of Andromeda such as the Aquari.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Kathara Level 2 by Ashayana and Azurtanya Deane - Review

The guidance on the website is to start off with the meditation techniques on this site first of all

Image result for kathara level 2

Overall I would say Kathara Level 2 requires a great deal of concentration in terms of listening to the techniques and reading the supporting information. You can certainly do these techniques to a good standard without having to watch the DVD's. However, the information included in the DVD's will explain in more depth some of the concepts and information. I personally have done these techniques without watching the DVD material.

I did these techniques over the autumn/winter time, so there is something about that peaceful time that I personally find will be beneficial to these techniques.

Some of the techniques are very challenging because of the concentration required. Two of the most difficult techniques are 'Activating the Lotus seed' and 'Lotus Run'. But at the same time this set
 includes some very enjoyable, interesting and beneficial techniques. This includes 'Lotus Hands, Hara Center' 'Le-eTOR-A Lota', 'Inner Caverns Journey' and 'Le-Adora Imprinting'.

The supplementary information includes discusses miasms in the energetic field, which are otherwise called Shona disposition fields. It is very well explained and interesting information which supports the understanding of the techniques.

Rating: 5/5

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

'The world needs you' - Actitude channel quote review

Brave & Happy in Aruba video link -

There are many good things about this video. This is a cover music video of two songs focusing on the power of positivity. In particular, I like the quote at the end of the video which states 'the world needs you'. I think this quote reaffirms the idea of each of us having an important role to play.

Each person has different skills and can bring something unique to the rest of us. It also alludes to the significance each of us has in terms of our way of life in affecting others. This can be on a regular day to day basis in terms of who you see and where you go, to other aspects which include your energy, how you treat yourself and others, your creativity and who you are.

I will include the quote at the end of the video here:

'The 'power of positive' a brief contemplation:

Feed a joy;...Starve a sorrow...
Embrace joy today; will increase tomorrow'