Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Kombucha Review: Captain Kombucha Organic

Kombucha is an ancient drink. It is normally fermented green or black tea. This particular version also includes evaporated cane juice. The kombucha cultures are basically probiotics which are beneficial for the gut and overall health, mind-body system.

The fact that it includes cane juice does not mean it is high in sugar. During the fermentation process the sugar transforms, so it is no longer in its original state.

If you take kombucha you will probably experience some interesting symptoms as the body is actually processing a healing in taking it. It is usual to feel worse initially while drinking it, eg in the evening after the time of drinking it. But by the same time the next day you should be feeling better from it.

I tried to way it up, was it good or bad? I definitely would say it is a great, healthy drink. Not only that, but this particular one tastes very good. I would say drinking one bottle in one day/ evening is sufficient and appropriate for the body.

Also at this time Kombucha in this form is not only a drink, but also a lifestyle. Things I associate with it are good health, weather, and an in tune body and mind. Embrace the kombucha lifestyle.

Rating: 5/5

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