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FiiO X3 (2nd gen) Music Player Review

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FiiO X3 (2nd gen) Review

If you are looking to upgrade to a portable music player that is like reliable and with a great sound, look no further. There's research to suggest that listening to music directly from a mobile phone is bad because you are absorbing the signal frequency into your ears. So it is sensible to go with an alternative music player.

I listened to the original FiiO X3 and it was a cool player. You had to make adjustments on it to make it sound alright, however. But this is a great upgrade on that player in terms of sound and balance. Maybe the only thing I miss from the original is some of the design themes. But this is better.

I am not an expert when it comes to portable music players. This is not the best looking or most sylish type of music player out there. But I can say this is well made, reliable, hardy, it sounds amazing, quite straighforward to use once you make the right initial settings changes. I will go through those now:

On Player settings:
change Gain to High.
Equalizer I normally leave off
Lowpass filter mode change to Steep
Fixed leve and Balance remain 0
On System settings I go with theme 2

FiiO has released subsequent music players since this time. But for me, this is great and I would recommend it.

Rating 5/5

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