Monday, 6 August 2018

Karma Kombucha Review

Karma Kombucha Pomegranate (500ml)

Karma Kombucha Review

Now we are talking! Karma Kombucha is of the still variety; a smooth tasting drink. It has an enjoyable taste and well made. It comes in a fine glass bottle, 500ml, which is quite large. It means you are getting good value for your kombucha.

Again this is organic and has the benefits we come to associate with kombucha. I normally drink the kombucha in one sitting, eg, no more than one a day or evening if I were to have one. In this case, because it is a larger version, it is something to consider.

As I have described previously, when you initially drink kombucha, it is a good tasting drink. But a few hours later, the probiotic processes of the drink kick in, so you may feel tired and need to rest that evening. So with this larger bottle, it is something more noticeable and it is wise to take it into account. This is a great kombucha.

Rating: 4/5