Sunday, 17 March 2019

Headphone Review: Pioneer SE- CH3T vs Sony MDREX650 - updated

For a few years I used the Sony MDREX 650 Brass headphones. They had a clear sound, were comfortable and practical for everyday use. The main issue I had was that they tended to break every 6-12 months, by the jack port part of the wire.

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The sound is open and detailed, but its not that warm or fun.  So I would say the sound is quite cold. As I have mentioned, it is wiser to use headphones generally on a specific separate mp3/music player rather than using your mobile phone. This avoids the situation of the radio frequency of the phone going into your ears/head.

Rating: 4/5

The Pioneer SE - CH3T comes in around the same price as the Sony model if you are purchasing from Amazon. I think these Pioneer headphones are great because the sound is warm, exciting and clear. Sure, there are downsides to these headphones. The fit could be better, as they don't fit that well in the ear. The solution to this is to put the back part of the earphone back against the ear, and they then stay in well.

Also with the 3 buds which come with the earphones, the sizing could be improved. I have gone with the medium buds, as I imagine most people will. It is hard to tell if the fact that they can fall out is to do with just the shape of the earphone or the bud. But large is too big and uncomfortable. But the sound, especially indoors, is neat and brings clarity to the music you may not have picked up on before. The sound isolation is not anything great, while outside.


Only after around 6 weeks of use, the left headphone stopped working. This was disappointing, and it seems the problem arises from the headphone jack and/or the wire itself. In comparison the Sony headphones usually last at least 6 months before having a problem. Therefore, I am reducing the score here and can't recommend these headphones despite the great sound.

Rating: 2/5

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