Thursday, 16 May 2019

Cosmic Origins and Awareness: Additional Content

Hi everyone

So, there are just a few things I'd like to add to the original work here today.

The Flat Earth/Globe model:

The question here is 'does it matter?' to which I'd answer yes. I did state in my work that gravity does not explain an upside down reality. Now, here I was using gravity as an example which could not explain a reality field which was a sphere. I accept gravity exists, as a force of nature. But it is part of the whole elemental forces of our reality, and something which becomes less of a factor the less dense the being becomes. So, it is relative to our energy.

There are different levels of reality which go from below the earth's surface, to the New Earth reality and reality fields above in the atmosphere. It is better to visualise our New Earth as an island. All of these reality planes exist in an energetic spherical body.

'Human' definition

In the work I have used the term human a few times when describing some of the interdimensional beings of our cosmos who serve the law of one. Many of the beings, from the Earth Human, the Pleiadian Nordics, the Jotunn, the Arcturians, Lyrans, the Serres, the Elohim, the Sirians, many of the Annunaki, the Aquari and many more...they are all in 'human form'.

The original humanoid form for our local universes comes from Andromeda and the Aquari (ref: Legacies of the Lost, Freedoms of the Found, Easha Ashayana, 2008) The other general way that the term human is applied, is a general reference to Earth humans in recent times who originally come from the Turaneusiam 2 seeding within the last 80,000 years. (ref: Voyagers Vol.1: The Sleeping Abductees by Ashayana Deane, 2001) But the use of the term is subjective depending on how the various groups of beings relate to it as a general term, or whether they choose to relate to the more defined aspects of lineage.

I did state that some Annunaki have human descent. So, I will now clarify this in more detail. There are different Annunaki groups. Generally speaking, the Annunaki have a different original seeding and history from the Turaneusiam 1 from Tara and Turaneusiam 2 from Earth. It could be that if you state to a being from Harmonic Universe 2 or 3 (many of the aforementioned) they are 'human', they could interpret that as meaning from Earth within the last 80,000 years and therefore equate it with relative lack of development and spiritual awareness. So, they may reply that no, they are Annunaki, or Arcturian, or Sirian etc, because this is confirming their cultural and spiritual level of being.

We all come from the same Source. But many of the Harmonic Universe 2 groups were contributors of genetics to the Turaneusiam 1 and 2 beings, aka what we consider to be humans. So, it is not inaccurate to say that in a way, they are our creators. Our origins relate to higher levels of dimensional awareness with the 13th dimensional consciousness and step down. How you phrase our connection is subjective relative to the words you are comfortable using. You could say we are 'universal family' which is certainly accurate. Many of the aforementioned groups contributed genetics for us in the original seedings. How you want to interpret that relationship is up to you. But we are connected and we can work together for a positive future.