Sunday, 9 June 2019

Headphone Review: Denon AH-C120M A

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These are the first headphones I have tried from Denon and I am impressed.  They are part of the Music Maniac series which includes other headphones from Denon.

They are very comfortable with the standard sized earbuds. The box includes other size earbuds. There is extra plastic protection around the headphones themselves and also at the jack which plugs into the source. This is the main area where you tend to get a failure on the headphones, so it is good they made the effort to take this into account. It features an L plated jack which is known to be more secure and possibly contributes to a better overall sound than a regular one.

The sound is detailed and quite warm. Most music with these headphones sounds fresh, engaging and clear. Taking these points into account, I would say they have an excellent sound.The headphones are well designed and comfortable. With running use I have found them effective; they stay in the ear. With considerate use, I believe these headphones will last at least around 5- 6 months, which I would say is good value in today's in ear headphone market.

Rating: 5/5

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