Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Sacred Sexuality and the Art of Divine Relationship Part 1 - DVD Review

Sacred Sexuality and the Art of Divine Relationship Part 1: Sacred Sex, Divine Love and Eternal Co-Creation

by Ashayana Deane. Original Release: 2006

In this work, Ashayana delves into the 3D paradigm of sex and relationships, and how this connects to us our individual spiritual bodies and light energy.

Dating, sex and relationships are big business in the modern world. But many people are attempting to enter into relationships with other people without understanding anything about themselves first. In addition to this, there are many people who have made no effort to work on their own bio-spiritual evolution, who then look to others to fulfill that gap they have within themselves.

For some people, that gap can be compared with a void, where no connection has been made between the energy of the universe and themselves. In this state, there are people who look to fill that void by seeking another person, for the wrong reason. It can sometimes be a subtle difference in terms of being able to tell the difference. If you put your relationship with the universe, or God, or Earth spirit first, then things will work out better for you if you genuinely seek a reciprocal and fair relationship with another person.

You should make an attempt to meditate, or spend some time each day to connect with the universe and realise you are connecting with your higher self. It will be even better to start with a specific technique, like those which are currently listed on the arhayas.com website. This is where Easha's work has continued in recent years.

I will highlight a few of my favorite quotes from this workshop.

On porn 'You watch men and women humiliate themselves and act out things that are just about bodies because nobody remembers anymore that is was supposed to be about spirits coming together as well as bodies coming together.'

'Your first sexual relationship is with you, yourself and God.'

'There are times when sexual stimulation is good for you. There are times where it isn't good for you... There are also combinations where it's good for you and  where it's not good for you.. potential partners that are good for you and not good for you' - I will elaborate on this point. You can use sexual energy as a good thing to activate your light body and have a genuine connection with another person. But you should remember that in the astral and other realms there are energies and beings who are looking to feed off your energy. When you release sexual energy too much you lose a part of your energy. Be respectful of your body and energy field.

'The mutation in the elemental body makes the body feel starved. Starved of love, starved of food, starved of energy. Because the light body is not functioning as it should to regenerate its currents'

'Some people are addicted to sex, that's a red flag there. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing...Maybe its bar night...what are you really looking for?'

 'Do I really want to spend another $1000 this week going to various bars or clubs trying to find somebody to do it with?' - this is a legendary quote. It is true for many people. I also found it funny the actual amount quoted seems alot...I guess some people make it a priority to such an extent. £100 seems alot to me for this sort of thing. But the point is well delivered and it says much about the general state of many people in the world. Remember the whole dating thing has become an industry.

Now, in regards to the above matter, I am not necessarily saying you can't meet someone who you can connect with at a bar or live music event. But it is wise to think about where it is you are meeting, and if you actually believe you will form a type of meaningful relationship with them or not. If you resonate with that place or event you may meet someone who you will connect with. If its not your sort of thing, then don't go.  I do recall years ago seeing someone at a pub pick up some food from the floor and eat it..that is not the sort of person you would want to spend time with. Use your intuition and higher self guidance to work out if an event or place is good for you. Actually develop hobbies and interests outside of just relationships.

The overall themes here do relate to the differences between love and sex. Sex without love is just an action. But we should strive towards self development that takes us to love. Some people cannot feel any love.  Avoid narcissists. If you are able to go towards a loving relationship then that is the best path for you. If the person is not right, then work on your own path and be patient with the universe that things will work out with someone else in the future. Read up on astrological compatibility to help you understand energy dynamics and how astrology can play a role in understanding a good match for you.

It is always important to remember the law of one in terms of relationships. Don't mislead someone to believe you like them if you do not. Remember the way you should treat the other person is the way you would like to be treated. If you loved someone, you would not want them to cheat on you.
Be sincere with your communication. Obviously, don't cheat. If you don't actually love that person, tell them and split up with them. If you don't feel ready for a relationship, work on yourself with exercise, the vegan diet and spiritual development.

Overall this workshop is full of great information and Ashayana's communication is excellent. This will be very useful for many people. I would also recommend The Cardigans video 'Been It' in support of some of the concepts of this workshop.

Rating: 5/5