Wednesday, 4 September 2019

'The world needs you' - Actitude channel quote review

Brave & Happy in Aruba video link -

There are many good things about this video. This is a cover music video of two songs focusing on the power of positivity. In particular, I like the quote at the end of the video which states 'the world needs you'. I think this quote reaffirms the idea of each of us having an important role to play.

Each person has different skills and can bring something unique to the rest of us. It also alludes to the significance each of us has in terms of our way of life in affecting others. This can be on a regular day to day basis in terms of who you see and where you go, to other aspects which include your energy, how you treat yourself and others, your creativity and who you are.

I will include the quote at the end of the video here:

'The 'power of positive' a brief contemplation:

Feed a joy;...Starve a sorrow...
Embrace joy today; will increase tomorrow'